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 What’s This All About?

We are here to assist those who wish to make their English language use better.

Both Georgina and I are highly experienced ESL teachers. Each of us worked for Kaplan International Language Schools for many years. Georgina also held the position of English Tutor for the Metropolitan Opera in New York City. In September of 2015 we moved from NYC to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our home is now in Portland Oregon.

Making English Your Second Language (MEY2L) is the name of our interactive ebook.

Connected to the book are a series of ESL Videos called, Learning English With Me and My Cat, 

What else do we give away for free? Everything on this site: if you take some time to wander around you’ll find lots of materials that will help you as you work to make your English language skills better.-)

The MEY2L site, then, is our way of continuing our ongoing commitment to teaching the English language.

BTW: In case you haven’t already figured it out yet, we absolutely love doing the work we’re doing, and we look forward to sharing that work with you.-)

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