MEY2L – The eBook

If you are a High Intermediate or Advanced
Adult English Language Student – This is For You!

First published in 2011, this was the World’s First Interactive ESL eBook!

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it’s the best ESL book value anywhere!

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Making English Your Second Language

In order to make full use of Making English Your Second Language, once you have purchased your copy from Amazon, you will be directed to download a total of ten mp3 audio files (at no charge) from our website, so a computer or handheld device is required to listen to those files.

Making English Your Second Language is an interactive study tool written by teachers, for you, the student. In this book, Jonathan Ellis and Georgina Young-Ellis combine their many years of teaching experience with their expertise as writers into helpful and interesting lessons for building your ESL skills. Easy-to-use, with original and adapted stories and vocabulary to fit the high-intermediate to advanced English learner, lessons and exercises to freshen up your grammar, as well as conversation and writing topics, it is designed to work most effectively in electronic form on your computer, iPad, Kindle, or other e-reader, though it can also be used in print form. This book can either be utilized in the classroom with a teacher guiding the lesson, or completely on your own.

Making English Your Second Language is fun, informal and even humorous. It should be a vital part of an ESL student’s continuing study outside the classroom, or part of an ESL teacher’s arsenal of great, effective materials. All units are classroom tested and approved!

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Here are links to the Kindle reader app for use with different devices: Kindle for iPad | Kindle iPhone |Kindle for Android | Kindle for PC | Kindle for Mac

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